Growing Communities


We supply primary schools, HAF programmes, box schemes and shops across London through our organic not for profit wholesale operation, and run a veg box scheme serving Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Haringey and farmers market in Hackney, feeding over 10,000 Londoners.

The fruit and veg we supply is grown in ways that store carbon, protect soils and sustain nature and biodiversity, and is traded in ways that eliminate food waste from farm level onwards, build community, improve air quality and support meaningful and sustainable food and farming livelihoods.

Every £1 spent buying organic food through Growing Communities generates £3.70 in benefits to individuals, farmers, citizens and the planet, including eating better, boosting community engagement, improving soil health, reducing pollution, cutting waste and creating jobs, according to a New Economics Foundation report. We pay and trade with farmers fairly and all our staff have been paid at least the Real London Living Wage since it was introduced in 2005.

We also operate two urban growing sites where we grow organic salad and greens, deliver training and volunteering programmes for the local community, as run regular educational visits for schools and team days for corporate groups.

We are particularly looking to connect with:
- caterers, chefs, public procurers and businesses who would like to be supplied with agroecological, fair, local fresh fruit and veg
- local businesses or organisations who are interested in hosting a veg box scheme collection point that gives their staff and/or the local community access to our veg box scheme


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