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AI-Optimised Textile Sorting

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Zori Tex’s mission is to eliminate textile waste to landfill and incineration. Our solution unlocks the value of circular textiles through technology innovations in sorted feedstock availability, enabling the new textile-to-textile recycling market to rapidly scale. Replacing virgin fibres with recycled ones reduces the impacts of the fashion industry by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste.

New textile recycling technologies have been developed and are poised to scale, however, access to quality and reliable sorted waste feedstocks, based on fibre composition and colour, is one of their biggest challenges.

Zori Tex enables the development of a solution that combines vision and AI-powered technologies to enable optimal availability of fibre sorted feedstocks for closed loop textile recyclers. Our approach is unique in its combination of cutting-edge technologies, algorithms, accessibility and textile centric approach.

Meet the founders

  • Alexandra Harrod


    Alexandra has spent 15 years in global fashion sourcing and manufacturing, working for major European retailers in the UK and Asia. Alexandra is a graduate of Oxford University and SOAS. Alexandra is drawing on her previous role as John Lewis’ Fashion Sourcing Lead by building the relationships we need to create this new circular textile supply chain.

  • Rosalynne Watt


    Rosalynne has spent the last 12 years in the South West bringing hardware products to market with DuPont, Dyson and telecoms start-up, Blu Wireless. While at Dyson she defined product and commercial strategies across a number of new categories including personal care and the electric vehicle. She holds a PhD in Optics and Photonics from Cambridge.