About Us

We’re on a mission to create a world without children’s clothing waste. Working hand in hand with the fashion industry to create the most sustainable way to dress children in clothes they love.

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We’ve designed the most sustainable way to dress kids in style. 

Our shared wardrobe for kids is the ultimate remedy to the waste and inconvenience of dressing children. 

By giving clothes 5x more life we reduce their eco-footprint by 83%. And their cost by 70%. Parents get a revolving closet of the best ethical brands, which grows as their children do – no more sorting, storing or selling – and offers style, convenience and sustainability in one place. 

We also partner with brands to help them go circular, provide data about garment performance, and help them regain control of their secondary market. 

Meet the founders

  • Charlotte-Portrait-2-aspect-ratio-1-1

    Charlotte Morley

    Founder CEO

    Former Head of Digital Product at £150million turnover marketplace Notonthehighstreet. Retail & SAAS experience. 10yrs project management for The Ministry of Defence. Sustainable parenting expert. University of Cambridge


  • How does thelittleloop work?

    Our shared wardrobe for kids is designed to make sustainably dressing children, in beautiful ethical brands, an experience which makes every parent feel like a hero. Everything about it has been designed for parents - because the more parents who adopt it, the bigger the impact that we can have.

    From our bespoke reusable mailing bags which parents use to send clothes back to us in, to our custom-built re-commerce platform, we’ve revolutionised the conventional shopping experience by bringing together sustainability, convenience, style and value in one place.

    It's simple to use, delightful, guilt busting, and ultimately makes parents lives a whole lot easier. Parents love us and we have an incredible subscriber retention rate as a result.
  • How does thelittleloop work with the fashion Industry?

    Unlike other subscription rental businesses we don't wholesale our stock. It's a core part of what we do that we can partner with our suppliers, acting as their managed rental service, to enable them to transition to the circular economy.

    Our bespoke, item-level garment-tracking, technology enables us to share revenue with brands, as well as data on the performance of their garments to create a virtual feedback loop of quality and sustainability.
  • What is thelittleloop's USP?

    We are, first and foremost, a tech company. We have built a bespoke consumer experience, and rental ERP system especially for rental (and soon resale) which enables us to operate in a wholly flexible way to meet the demands of our customers - both brand and consumer.
  • How sustainable is thelittleloop?

    We believe that thelittleloop is currently the best way to guarantee sustainability in the children's clothing industry. There are x main reasons for this:

    - we control the circulation of clothes, guaranteeing they reach their longest possible lifespan and keeping them out of landfill. Our garments have an average 15months of continuous wear (compared with the average garment which has just 3)
    - We educate and incentivise consumers to better care for clothing, engendering and promoting a culture of clothing as a valuable service, rather than a throwaway commodity.
    - Our brand partnership model incentivises brands to build circular design into their garments such that they might generate the maximum revenue from rental as possible.
    - we work with brands to provide data about the quality of performance of their garments which they can feed back into their supply chain to improve future garment care.