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On a mission to bring you the most stylish, most comfortable and most planet-friendly kids sneaks the universe has ever seen!

Little Sneaks. Big Planet

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Over 2 million shoes are thrown into landfill every week in the UK alone and on average, these shoes take over 1000 years to biodegrade!

Children’s Shoes play a huge part in this problem. They are one of the most wasteful and unsustainable apparel items due to the fact they have such a short shelf life. On average, feet of children aged between 1 and 6 grow 1 size every 2-3 months.

There needs to be a solution to keep children shoes and the material used out of landfill and in circulation for longer.

The Dubs Universe is this solution.

The Dubs Universe is an online, Direct-to-Consumer family sneakers subscription (year 2) for children aged 1 to 8.

Our ambition is simple – to create better alternatives for children sneakers with a smaller planetary footprint.

Our brand is underpinned by circular design and resource recovery together with an ‘easy to adopt’ sustainable model for our customers to participate in.

  • We only use low-impact materials: recycled plastic bottles and sugarcane
  • We manufacture using innovative methods such as Advanced 3D knitting (flynit) of the shoe upper; creating 60% less scrap waste than a typical shoe upper construction
  • Our design means the sneaker has a collapsible upper and can be flat-packed, into our packaging which is 50% small than a traditional shoe box
  • We ”take back” worn sneakers, we “re-refurb” them and then “resale” the sneaker. Meaning our shoes get multiple uses and the materials used last for much longer. It also means we reduce our manufacturing outputs (beta)
  • We also offer returns, using the original packaging, to Sal Shoes, our official shoe-charity, helping reduce shoe poverty in the UK
  • As well as one-off purchases, customers can use our easy-to-tailor subscription membership for a more automated shopping experience (year 2)

We are developing a brand that has the potential to offer a truly circular footwear solutions for consumption conscious parents

Meet the founders

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    Stuart Davis


    Stuart is an Executive Producer & Operations Director.

    For over 18 years, Stuart has produced world-class content, grown world-class production departments & helped agencies & brands navigate the complex world of creative production.

    He’s worked for some of the worlds biggest brands and agencies including adidas, Coke and M&C Saatchi where he held the position of Creative Operations Director.

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    Gary Cadogan


    Gary is an award-winning Creative Director and Designer.

    With over 20 years of experience, Gary has a diverse and multidisciplinary skill set that sees him design and art direct across digital, photography and illustration.

    He’s worked for Premium magazines including Wired, GQ and Men’s Health and for boutique fashion agencies and brands including AKQA, Givenchy and H&M.


  • How are your shoes made?

    Firstly, we ensure all our designs are conceived with the children's foot in mind. This means they offer the support, flexibility and fit that growing little feet need.

    This is why we work with leading children's footwear designers and fitters - they all have over 20 years of experience in the children's footwear industry, including holding senior roles at Clarks. And more importantly, why we have developed our own lasts and moulds.

    For the upper, we use Reclaimed Plastic Bottles, and for the sole, we use the super-material sugarcane to make sugarcane EVA

    We construct the upper using innovative Advanced 3D knitting (flynit). This creates 60% less scrap waste than a typical shoe upper construction

    We have designed the shoe to be as durable as possible so that we can easily refurb the shoe once they are out-grown. We have also designed the upper to be collapsible, so it cant be flat-packed into smaller packaging.

  • What are your immediate longer-term plans?

    Big question
    The main focus is to continue to build on our 'take back-refurb-re-sale' mechanic and do all we can to keep the materials we use in circulation for longer. We'll be looking for partners in these spaces asap

    We'll also be looking to launch our subscription model in year 2. Kids feet (at our age range) grow 1 size every 2-3 months - so we'll want to match their growth rate with a seasonal range of shoes, giving them the perfect shoe all year round, through an easy to manage, automated shopping experience.

    As well as other styles of sneaks in year 2, also will see us move into kids apparel using deadstock and materials destined for landfill

    And of course, we'll be looking to bring more talented people into the business to help us grow.
  • How to do you keep your shoes in circulation for longer?

    Through our partnership with Sal Shoes, our official shoe charity we offer returns of out-grown sneaks, using the original packaging, to help reduce shoe poverty in the UK and keep our shoes alive for longer.

    We are also working hard at ways to ''take back" worn sneakers, so we can "re-refurb" them and then "resale'' them. Meaning our shoes get multiple uses and the materials used last for much longer. It also means we reduce our manufacturing outputs.

    At the moment, we looking for partners in this space to help us make this a reality