About Us

A pre-loved fashion platform offering an Instagram-like, personalised and social shopping experience. Monetise your wardrobe, find clothes you love and enjoy fashion without guilt.

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StyleSwap offers a place to buy and sell preloved clothing from a circular fashion community. We exist to disrupt the traditional ways in which second-hand fashion is distributed, making it easier than ever to find preloved pieces in your style, shape and size

Our state-of-the-art technology personalises your shopping experience, making it easy for you to monetise your wardrobe and find fashion pieces according to your style.

The social buying and selling community aims to educate, enable and mobilise people to fight the wasteful nature of fashion, whilst not compromising on their style. The business is a new, well funded circular economy start-up on an incredible growth trajectory, that launched at the Founder Institute. StyleSwap’s entire mission is to build a global technology business that positively impacts the world, and addresses “the £140M worth of textile waste that goes to landfills every year”, Wrap, 2018.

Meet the founders

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    Josephine Waddington


    I worked on the coalface for 15 years with big name fast fashion retailers including ASOS, Topshop and Zara. After witnessing the horrors of mass production in the global supply chain I was inspired to build a business dedicated to supporting a new era of conscious consumption online.