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We need millions of people doing Sustainability imperfectly, rather than a few doing it perfectly!

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At Stroodles Eco Tableware we strongly believes that to make a long lasting impact, we need millions of people doing sustainability imperfectly, rather than a few doing it perfectly.

With this in mind in 2018, we founded Stroodles to inspire how easy and fun sustainability can be one Stroodling product at a time- the portfolio ranges from their famous pasta straws (Unilad, BBC Good Food, Dragon’s Den), edible biscuit spoons, stirrers to plates and there are many more fun products in the pipeline.

Through Stroodles’ distinctive and fun tone of voice their brand mission and values, Maxim found a way to cut through the doom-and-gloom of sustainability communication and is set out to change the image of sustainability. He wants to break with the perception that while everyone is aware of the problem, people feel actionless as they feel sustainability means compromise. Thus, with Stroodles he is on a mission to use the language of humour to show them that sustainability can actually be fun, actionable and uncompromising to life.

With Stroodles, Maxim is set out to build a high-impact household brand of fun & easy to use eco- innovations with Mr. Stroodles acting as a stamp of approval and a symbol for celebrating all sustainable changes, no matter how small. Going forward, he is keen to extend the reach of Mr. Stroodles as a mascot, beyond tableware to all kinds of verticals from fashion to furniture and to see the brand being used all the way across the public and private sector, events, movies and more. If you are thinking sustainability, you need to be thinking Mr. Stroodles.

Alongside getting the world stroodling with their products, the company also actively supports the work of charitable organisation Clean Ocean Sailing and engages in various educational activities around sustainability for kids- this even involved the launch of a camp blanket Scout Badge.

To find out more about the Stroodles Movement and how you can start stroodling, head to

Meet the founders

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    Maxim Gelmann

    Chief Stroodle & Founder

    Maxim has over 12 years of international strategy consulting, operational & interim management experience across verticals in the areas of strategy, business development, new market entry, value chain & process optimisation. clients ranging from start-ups to MNCs, including Volkswagen, Danone and Master Card. He has also been a mentor to companies, like snack brand Brave, & an investor into a vertically-integrated, luxury swimwear manufacturer