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FashionTech startup using AI to make Fashion more digital and sustainable - Farfetch Dream Assembly Cohort #2

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Save your wardrobe digitises wardrobes using artificial intelligence to streamline sustainable living. And bring more mindfulness in the shopping journey by extending the narrative beyond the purchase with hyper-personalised services and a drive to sustainability.

Save your wardrobe is a mobile application that help customers seamlessly and effortlessly digitise their wardrobe. By using their online receipts found in their emails as well as autotagging the clothes they capture through the app. The app learns customers’​ behaviours and recommends new outfits based on what they own but also conscious shopping recommendations and recommends creative ways to up-cycle the life of their clothes through 3rd party services in the app (cleaning, alteration, selling, donation, recycling) and helps people feel better about their clothes through performance and social rewards.

We are aiming to refine an AI recommendation engine that will not only recommend outfits and clothes based on what our customers have already in their wardrobe, but also an engine that will recommend, for example, to sell an item if you don’t wear it anymore by analysing app analytics and customers behaviours.

We also offers a B2B platform for brands and retailers to help them reconnect with their clients post purchase to help them on their sustainable journey. This is done through a gamified digital wardrobe, our ecosystem of services and our user DNA data intelligence tool.

We’ve recently secured $3M in our latest seed funding round to help us scale and expand our technology further in Europe.

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