Reuse Technology Group Ltd

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A leading IT Disposal and Secure Data Erasure Company based in the UK

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We help corporates, public services and SME businesses to protect their brand and reputation through an agile and secure class or SDx network design and deployment, compliant Data erasure and IT WEEE disposal systems.

We provide a complete IT Lifecycle solutions for all IT Asset Disposal. WEEE Recycling and CPA Data Security Erasure requirements which also meet US DOD 52220.22-M standards. We will provide a bespoke  and compliant IT disposal services, of the highest industry (ADISA standards).

Reuse Technology Group Ltd is one of the UK’s leading distributors of used Cisco Systems networking equipment.

We have extensive knowledge of the used Cisco marketplace, which enables us to buy and refurbish Cisco Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewalls and much more. By selling these refurbished units back into the market, we are effectively extending the lifespan.

IT Disposal & Secure Hard Drive Erasure
We offer an IT disposal service that is fully WEEE compliant and adheres to legislation set out by the Environment Agency.

By using our service you are promoting the reuse of IT equipment, whilst ensuring that any end of life kit is being recycled according to law.