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Circular Baby Closet. We're on a mission to reduce baby clothing waste.

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Qookeee is a circular baby closet designed to make renting baby clothes simple. Set up like an online shop parents can choose anything from just a few items to a whole wardrobe, add to cart and checkout to rent their unique baby bundle.

Qookeee extends the life of baby clothes by maintaining them in optimum condition, renting them to different families, to keep them in circulation and out of landfill.

We source from responsible brands that have sustainability at their core, who work hard to develop products that have quality, longevity and values that consider the planet.



Meet the founders

  • qookeee founder

    Jacey James


    Hello I’m Jacey, the founder of Qookeee!

    Life before Qookeee was as a Technical Manager in the Fashion Industry, working in a busy buying office and visiting factories overseas, I could see first hand the amount of clothing waste generated by fashion. It wasn't just the clothes themselves but the business model that created the excess and generated a throwaway culture.

    Sustainability started to become more important as concerns for the planet grew, and adult clothing rental services were gaining traction. But in baby clothing, the ultimate fast fashion sector, there was very little choice in how clothes were obtained.

    Parents could buy second hand, buy cheap fast fashion, or buy expensive sustainable baby clothes, but they all still had to be disposed of when their babies outgrew them.

    I wanted to create an alternative to buying baby clothes with a business model that allowed for an easy transition from a linear to a circular way of shopping.

    Qookeee is the first UK company to introduce baby clothes rental without a subscription plan, where you can rent individual items and create your own unique baby bundle. Set up like an online retail store, add your items to cart, and checkout to rent your selection. Qookeee makes it very easy to make the switch to renting, with the benefits of saving money, space, reducing clutter and reducing clothing waste.


  • How does the Qookeee baby clothing rental subscription work?

    We've kept it simple. Each item has a monthly rental cost. When you check out, the monthly subscription payment is calculated based on the total monthly rental amount of the individual items selected. So if the total monthly rental amount of your cart is £22.50, that's what your monthly subscription will be.

    A specially made reusable bag is used to send and return the clothes. When a customer no longer needs the clothing they can return the whole order or part order, keeping what they need and returning what they don't whenever they like. If a part order is returned, the next months payment is reduced by the monthly rental cost of the returned items.

    It's an easy way for parents to try renting, because they don't need to sign up to a subscription plan. As soon as the clothes are returned their subscription ends.
  • What makes Qookeee different from other baby clothing rental companies?

    There are no subscription plans, joining fees or damage fees. There's a minimum check out value of just £10, and with that you get a free delivery and return with every order.

    You only pay for the subscription for as long as you have the clothes.

    Expensive clothing like outerwear and items needed for longer such as sleeping bags can be rented for longer for less, saving the customer even more money
  • How are clothes kept in optimum condition?

    All our clothes are checked for quality before being sent to our sustainable laundry partner. Using cutting-edge technology, our baby clothes are cleaned using a super gentle, wet cleaning process that emulates delicate hand-washing with mild, hypoallergenic detergents that are suitable for sensitive baby skin.