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Clothes that grow.

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Founded in 2017 by aeronautical engineer, Ryan Mario Yasin, Petit Pli invents and applies groundbreaking material technologies that solve problems for individuals, businesses and the planet across the textiles value chain.

An estimated £140 million worth of clothing enters UK landfill every year and our unused clothing is worth approximately £30 billion. These numbers are shocking, but suggest an opportunity to reimagine clothes from the ground up that won’t endanger our future. With an obsession for reducing waste, in only a few years Petit Pli is proud to have won multiple design awards, started a sustainable childrenswear revolution with Clothes that Grow, and embarked on a journey to transform adult clothing too.

Petit Pli has developed a unique, patent-accepted, material technology inspired by deployable satellites. For LittleHumans, this means clothing that grows to expand 7 sizes – equal to 48 months, and for adults, garments that are so versatile they adapt to a wide range of body shapes and sizes, styles, activities and purpose.