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Noodoll is a London-based design brand born out of playful imagination and loving dedication. From toys to accessories to home decor, everything is designed with as much love and care as possible, with the mission of bringing a little happiness and joy to your everyday life.

We’re a little company with a big heart. Our Friends for Life project, supported by ReLondon, is all about extending the life and love of plush toys. It’s made up of two parts. Noodoll Surgery repairs any broken toys (for free!) and Noodoll Pre-loved takes in unwanted ones and transforms them into one-of-a-kind collector pieces.

Meet the founders

  • Yiying, Noodoll

    Yiying Wang


    Noodoll is the result of an art school project, created by our founder Yiying. Inspired by the shapes of the noodles and rice of her native Taiwan, Yiying created a character called Noodoll, which started life as an illustration in a story, before leaping off the page and into plush toy form.

    The stories this little character inspired in Yiying’s imagination, and the joy they brought, gave her the idea to create some friends for him. Shortly after leaving university, she named the company in his honour, and so the Noodoll journey began.