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Mimica is an award-winning social impact company spearheading global food waste reduction & combating climate change through our first product, Mimica Touch.

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Mimica Touch is a patented tag or cap that turns bumpy when food or drinks should no longer be consumed, based on actual temperature conditions. It provides accurate, real-time indication of the product’s freshness with a tactile interface. This time and temperature response is calibrated to different food types to suit food suppliers’ requirements.

Mimica takes the guesswork out of freshness. We are all familiar with the ‘sniff test’ but why can we not just rely on our foods printed expiry dates? They are just estimates based on worst case conditions. We need a new standard of food freshness information that empowers consumers through scientifically accurate indication.

A major food waste contributor is confusing and overcautious expiry dates, leading to edible food being thrown away. In Europe, 53% of food waste is generated by households (Fusions, 2016), with the average UK household wasting 68kg of food annually, equating to 528kg of carbon emissions (WRAP, 2020) and costing them €820. Despite more people becoming aware of the issues of food waste, there is still mass confusion with the current printed date system.

Mimica Touch is a patented temperature-sensitive label that turns bumpy when food or drinks should no longer be consumed, based on actual temperature conditions. It contains a gel that mimics food & drinks spoilage profiles, with a binary indication (smooth label: fresh, bumpy label: do not consume). The gel chemistry is calibrated to different food types or time & temperature protocols. The indicators can currently be integrated into labels and caps.

Currently, the food wasted by retailers is worth double their food sales profits, and with 70% of wasted food still good to consume, this is a missed opportunity. Market testing has shown us that by extending shelf life of a perishable product by just 2 days, waste in store is halved and a sales lift of 10% is achieved. Many products can safely be extended past 2 days, presenting further benefits.

Mimica Touch can be easily integrated into consumers’ daily lives and allow them to make more sustainable choices with minimum effort and peace of mind.

Meet the founders

  • Solveiga-Cropped-aspect-ratio-1-1

    Solveiga Pakštaitė

    Founder & Director

    Solveiga developed the Mimica Touch concept and filed the core patent while at Brunel University in London.

    Mimica Touch went on to win the James Dyson Award and the project was awarded grant funding by the EU, the UK government and the Mayor of London.

  • Laurence-Cropped-aspect-ratio-1-1

    Laurence Kayson


    Since 1998, Laurence has held director and CEO roles for several successful business start-ups and product/brand launches, specialising in innovation for the world’s leading retailers & their supply chains.

  • Lawrie-Cropped-aspect-ratio-1-1

    Lawrie Matthews


    Previously COO & CTO of It’s Fresh! where he led the development and scale-up of the technology to greater than a billion units capacity in the US alone, as well as setting up the global supply chain.