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Redefining the future of payments

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We are HELPFUL. A purpose driven fintech startup developing payments for the new economy.

We are redefining the way we pay and get paid – making it work for business, people and the planet.

The current problem is that payments are not fit for the digital now and we start where existing payments fall short.

Our first pilot is powering payments for the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme and has demonstrated the use-case for digital micropayments for the circular economy.

How do we do this? We take the costs and complexity out of the monetisation of platforms while reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional payment platforms.

We have developed a fully customisable platform for the monetisation demands of the new economy – we make fund movements, micropayments for the circular economy and the creator economy cost effective, easy, fast, secure and sustainable.

A 21st Century payment solution that nobody else is offering, the HELPFUL model is a software as a service (SaaS) platform.

We empower sustainable business and aim to make payments part of the circular economy.

Our technology is currently implemented with businesses, retailers and the Scottish government.

Meet the founders

  • Evan_Michaels_HELPFUL-aspect-ratio-1-1

    Evan Michaels

    CEO and Co-founder

    Evan is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur. He was previously co-founder of Icon Medialab UK (a digital agency) and founding member of Utilyx (sustainable energy), both successfully exited. he has over 20 years experience launching consumer brands and new services like, Bank of Ireland online banking.

  • William_Nordh_HELPFUL-aspect-ratio-1-1

    William Nordh

    CCO and Co-founder

    William has over 25 years of business development experience. He was co-founder of Icon Medialab International with Evan and developed and successfully sold to Conde Nast, the ad-network Nowmanfest. He has extensive experience in business growth and developed SEB digital business.