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Ending plastic nappy waste.

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gDiapers has been offering parents eco-friendly nappy alternatives since 2005. We created the hybrid nappy category and were the first consumer packaged good to receive Cradle to Cradle product certification. As early Ellen Macarthur Foundation CE100 members, gDiapers have co-authored white papers about circular nappy systems with the Foundation.

The latest innovation is gCycle, a world-first, Circular nappy product and service. The company delivers, collects and composts their plastic-free, compostable nappies, and then sell the compost.

Proven in Australia and New Zealand where the certified compost is sold for $75/m3, gDiapers is now launching in London with thier partners, the Borough of Tower Hamlets and  ZapWaste. This year gDiapers was selected by the World Economic Forum as one of eight Global Plastic Innovators.

Married founders Kim and Jason Graham-Nye are singularly focused on eliminating plastic nappy waste from the planet. Kim’s Ted Talk offers a summary of their work while Jason’s PhD in Circular consumption practices, to be completed at the end of 2024 will add to the field of knowledge about the Circular Economy with practical solutions.

We are looking for capital support (philanthropic, angel or venture) to launch in the UK.