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Innovating paper and packaging materials that revolutionise the industry and solve the environmental crisis.

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envoPAP makes innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet. By using renewable sources—like agricultural waste instead of wood—our production has a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional packaging and still delivers an industry-leading product. Since identifying a gap in the packaging market, we’ve continued to innovate and disrupt. As a certified B Corporation, we want to find new ways to move beyond conventional tree-based paper packaging and create a more sustainable future.

Meet the founders

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    Kaushal Shah

    CEO and Founder

    Kaushal founded envoPAP in 2015 after being appalled by the waste problems in the agricultural industry, in his home country of India. He saw that the abundance of discarded agro-fibre materials could be given a second life and solve interconnected environmental problems at the same time.

    As envoPAP has grown, Kaushal has been financially backed by angel investors, venture funds and supported by accelerator-turned-incubator, Founders Factory. In 2020, envoPAP raised £380,000 from the crowd-funding platform, Crowdcube. As well as this, envoPAP has secured B Corporation status - one of the most stringent tests globally to prove social and environmental performance.