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Treekind® by Biophilica - A Revolutionary Plastic-free Leather Alternative Made From Green Waste

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Leather is the most environmentally destructive textile (The Fashion Agenda-2019). Many companies recognize the problems with leather, but plastic alternatives PU/PVC or plant feedstocks mixed with PU are equally problematic by contributing to our plastic problem. 

300,000 tonnes of clothing and over 300 million pairs of shoes are discarded in the UK annually – the majority going to landfill (Wrap-2019, Dover District Council). With demand for raw materials expected to triple by 2050 (Wrap-2019), we urgently need to replace problematic raw materials used for leather/PU/PVC, with regenerative/non-toxic ones, and rethink our waste strategies so these materials can break down in nature.

Mira Nameth founded Biophilica in 2019 to develop her graduate design project from the Royal Collage of Art: to make materials using one of the most abundant natural waste streams: green waste. The motivation came from Mira having a daughter, when the choice to bring a child into the world is not an easy one, given climate change projections. Mira wanted to be part of the solution. This led to the invention of Treekind®. Our future vision is creating a portfolio of mainstream materials made with green waste: rigid, 3d-printable, woven – to enable combining different materials that are all recyclable/compostable.

Treekind® is a breakthrough invention in leather alternatives. Treekind® is made with green waste from gardens – like leaves, twigs, grass. We can also use agricultural and forestry waste: There is annually 6 million tonnes of green waste in the UK (Defra, UK Statistics on Waste-2021), globally 880 million tonnes of green waste (The World Bank-2020), and 5.5 billion tonnes of agricultural waste ( agricultural report, 2018).

Treekind® is completely free of petrochemicals/toxins/fluorocarbons, estimated carbon-neutral, and compostable and recyclable.

Meet the founders

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    Mira Nameth

    Founder &CEO

    Mira Nameth had a career as an art and creative director at New York and London digital agencies. In 2013, she had her daughter Nora, which changed her perspective and focus. Becoming acutely aware of the need for action for climate change, waste problems, and usage of concerning chemicals in materials, Mira started developing Treekind® at the Royal College of Art and subsequently founded Biophilica. Biophilica was founded in 2019 with the mission to create a portfolio of materials made with green waste.