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Fight climate change and become a more sustainable business by rescuing surplus and irregular produce to use in your kitchens!

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Angry Monk works with hospitality businesses whose stakeholders – from their kitchen teams to their leadership to their own diners and customers – have realized the size of the impact our food choices have on the world around us. Our partners have decided to take the simple but important step of incorporating surplus produce into their recipes in order to fight food waste and climate change.

Angry Monk operates in London’s wholesale produce markets to identify fresh, delicious surplus fruit and veg at risk of going to waste, either because of its irregular appearance or because there’s simply too much of it. Our partners purchase this surplus through our online ordering platform, we deliver it the following morning, and we provide ongoing impact metrics and reporting for our partners to measure the environmental impact of using surplus produce.

Meet the founders

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    Michael Haskamp

    Co-Founder | General Manager


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    Andrea Guariglia



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    Nathan Lucaussy




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