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We offer you multi-award-winning cleantech, nature-based modular building material systems that enable tile reuse for floors and walls. Enjoy the ultimate Circular solutions experiences! #TileReuseEnablers

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ALDStone is a world leader in innovative flooring underlay and wall cladding solutions. We offer a range of underlay products which enable reusability and circularity of many types of tiles. These include tiles made of stone, carpet, vinyl and wood. In addition, surfaces such as laminate flooring are amongst numerous materials which are compatible for use with our products. We span the globe serving customers, from Europe to Japan & beyond.

ALDStone’s mission is to efficiently provide our innovative underlay solutions to stakeholders for use in a variety of areas within the building sector. These include new developments and renovations of hotels, shops, stores, offices, housing, hospitals, schools and a multitude of other spaces. Together, we can have a positive impact on our economy, society & most importantly, on our environmental ecosystem.

At ALDStone, we are committed to bringing transformation to the built environment sector by enabling other businesses to become fully circular. Together, we can meet mutual business, economic and environmental targets and benefits whilst closing the loop for the tiling sector. We work towards building long-term relationships with business and government. Both the Circular Economy & Cradle to Cradle principles are aligned with ours. We embrace our contribution with ethical design and services adaptations which bring benefits, not only to the economy, but to the health of our planet & wellbeing of society.

Meet the founders

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    Susana Nuria Guerrero Lopez


    Susana, pioneer multi-award-winner Founder & CEO at ALDStone, is leading Ground-breaking Modular & Circular Building Material Systems Solutions for the Built Environment.

    Since ALDStone's launch in 2018 together in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Susana has managed to create a great awareness of ALDStone's existence and a high level of recognition among respectful professionals in the Built Environment sector. In less than a year she became an icon within the construction industry. She speaks at Circular Economy events, educational institutions and holds presentations for professionals better understanding of the solutions that are brought forward to be accelerated to help reaching Net Zero Emissions target & related SDGs.

    ALDStone's solutions implementation are essential to get the positive results our ecosystem needs. Susana and ALDStone's collaborators mission is Closing the Loop for the Tile Sector. It is now possible with ALDStone Building Material systems that enable tile reuse. We need you to work together with us to keep implementing ALDStone's products, repeating this exercise as many times as we can is essential to create the positive impact we need in the built environment and construction sector. It will help to achieve the results that would enable thriving the economy, the society and the environment, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

    ALDStone has been awarded, selected, showcased and featured at the first NICER PROGRAMME CE SHOWCASE 2022 hosted by the CE-Hub UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research, supported by the Circular Economy Club, The Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, the University of Exeter and the UKRI UK Research and Innovation, as well as for most value within Top Advance Materials industry, Top Smart Building industry, Market Leading Smart Cities & Top Smart Home companies and startups in the UK by Welp, Servitisation in the built environment: Understanding and responding to a new opportunity, Sustainable Build Innovators 2020, Build Solutions Demoday by Green Innovation Group & City Facilitators, Connected Places Catapult Supporting the best SMEs innovating their way through COVID-19, ASBP CE Week 2020: Circular Economy, Reuse and Construction, BUILD 2020 Home Builder - Best Specialty Building Materials Supplier, Circular Economy Project of the Year 2019 by BusinessGreen Leaders, Best of 2019 Products by Design Journal Recognizing Architecture & Design Excellence, Household current alternatives - Circle Lab powered by Circle Economy, The London Circular Economy Club (CEC) Tour 2019 - SOENECS Blog, LWARB, Advance London, Circular London Supporting Circular Business, Impact Innovators - EUTOP50 edition by Innovators Magazine, 1st award EUtop50 Founder for Circular Economy product & service enabler at 10th EIS (European Innovation Summit), Newable supporting Innovation Business & the 1st ever DIFxCE100 Startup Day 2018 organized by Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Supporting SDGs 3/8/9/11/12/13/15/17 Collaborate with us, so we can accelerate the implementation of ALDStone systems, products and services solutions together.

    We look forward to connecting with you, Info@ALDStone.GLOBAL

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