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Unlocking the potential of a brand new circular economy powered by surplus feathers.

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Aeropowder have embraced the potential of the circular economy to develop a range of materials created from surplus feathers – 10m tons of which are produced around the world each year.

The company’s flagship product is Pluumo, the world’s first thermal packaging material created from feathers, used for chilled and frozen food deliveries.

Pluumo outperforms expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is normally used in temperature-sensitive deliveries and thus not only enables deliveries to be carried out while avoiding the use of plastics, but also keeps items fresher for longer.

Aeropowder is generating early revenue through sales of Pluumo to food delivery businesses, with a manufacturing and supply chain established with partners.

The company’s current focus is to grow sales and product demand in preparation for a pilot facility to be established in the near future. This will allow a range of sustainable feather-based innovations will be developed across different industries – such as construction and automotive industries.

In the long term, Aeropowder plan to license its technology out to interested parties to create an entirely new global value chain from surplus feathers