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The Circular Economy Matchmaker is here for you to talk about your business and to build meaningful connections with the community.

  • Tell your company story and share insights around the problems you are solving and the impact that this is driving.

  • Browse fellow circular businesses and join the community to share resources, questions and experiences.

  • Build connections with investors and local authorities and open up to potential commercial opportunities.


To join the Circular Economy Matchmaker you will be assessed by our Business Transformation team on how well circularity is built into your business model, based on self-reported information. To get started, please click on “Register” below.


The directory

Create your company profile and share your passion alongside fellow circular businesses.

Our platform is a great space for you to share more about your company vision and how incorporating circular economy thinking is allowing you to drive solutions with impact.


Matchmaker Community

The community

Build meaningful connections with an engaged community.

We have created an online community that encourages sharing and direct conversation in a closed-off, protected space. All members, which include local authorities, investors and other businesses, must apply first in order to join the community.